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- Milfoil Control Statement - approved by the board Nov. 2014

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The August 27 social is being held at Sheila McIntyre's home, Watch Point, located off of Spooner Johnson Road.  It offers another spectacular view looking to the south.  This is the oldest camp on Lake Bomoseen.

 The final social of the year is September 24 at Kehoe Camp.  Chili will be provided by the social committee and you are asked to bring something to go with it or a dessert.

 Any questions, contact Davene Brown at or call at 518-265-1267. 

Lake Bomoseen Preservation Trust News

Tax-deductible donations toward a second harvester will be gratefully accepted by the Lake Bomoseen Preservation Trust. Please make out your check to the Lake Bomoseen Preservation Trust or LBPT and send it to LBPT, PO Box 356, Bomoseen, VT 05732. A PayPal option is now available below.

Lecture Series Topics and Dates:
August 1: Cancelled - Suction Harvesting of Milfoil by Tracy Carr

August 8:  Tax Appeal Strategy, presented by Attorney Gary Kupferer at 9 a.m. at the Kehoe Center.

September 5: Septic Systems on a Lake by engineer Chris Leister.

This series is held to fulfill the mission of the LBA to preserve, promote and protect our lake. Contact Davene Brown at or 802-468-2281 for more information.

The 200 CLUB
Register of 200 Club Members

The Lake Bomoseen Association is pleased to announce that the KILL the MILfoil 200 Club campaign has surpassed the $60,000 level.  Lake homeowners and users have been very generous and this sends the message that many folks care and want to do what is necessary to reduce amount of milfoil in our beautiful lake. After the LBPT has enough on-the-water experience to analyze, purchase of a 2nd harvester will be considered.

The  largest contributor to the 200 Club is Green Mountain Feeds, Inc. of Bethel, VT who has invested $20,000.  Our thanks go to this company and to all donors to date.  Having started the club in September of last year we are extremely grateful to all donors.  

Different levels of giving have been formed:  Bronze is $200 to $999, Silver $1,000 to $9,999, Gold is $10,000 to $19,999 and Platinum is for donations of $20,000 or more.  Contributors will be listed on the LBA website (  We invite any users of Lake Bomoseen to join in the fundraising effort to purchase, maintain and operate another Eco-Harvester.  Checks may be made out and mailed to LBPT, PO Box 356, Bomoseen, VT 05732. A PayPal option is available above, should you wish to make a donation now.

Any questions, please contact Davene Brown at or call at 518-265-1267. 

- This year, Lake Bomoseen has been home for an usual amount of invasive milfoil.  We plan to do what we can to reduce it but that comes with a cost.  We invite you to attend these events and support our efforts to accomplish this goal.

- The Shoreland Protection Act, H. 526, is now in effect. Read the VPR News report on the law and perhaps join in the discussion. For the official State version, here is a link to The Vermont Shoreland Protection Act Handbook.




2015 Events Calendar

Board monthly meetings: The next meeting will be a board retreat on August 20th, 2015 at 5:00 p.m.

August 1: Education Series - Cancelled - Suction harvesting of milfoil by Tracy Carr, 9 a.m.

August 8: Tax Appeal Strategy by Attorney Gary Kupferer,9 a.m. at the Kehoe Center

August 27: Social 5-7 location - Sheila McIntyres' home, Watch Point, located off of Spooner Johnson Road.

September 5: Education Series - Lake septic systems by Chris Leister, 9 a.m. - Kehoe Center

September 24: Social 5-7, Chili dinner at Kehoe Camp

Every Wednesday from early summer to late summer at 9 a.m. - Kayaking, led by Joan Argentero and Joan Chader.

Lake Bomoseen Association (LBA)

THE LAKE BOMOSEEN ASSOCIATION, INC. was formed and incorporated in 1956 by a group of neighbors who loved and cared for Lake Bomoseen and wanted to see it thrive.
We continue today to love and care for the Lake and want the Lake to thrive environmentally, financially and socially in the future.
We value and seek to preserve the historic and natural beauty of the Lake. We work to assure the health of the Lake and its fauna and flora.
We are intensively involved in the battle against current and future invasive species and plants. We run a Greeter Program whereby we inspect all boats launched at the public accesses to prevent the introduction of invasive species.
We encourage and promote safe boating; set and light the guidance and warning buoys; provide the Fourth of July fireworks; and sponsor the Neighborhood socials and picnic each year.
We do all this in close concert with the State of Vermont who owns the lake and the Townships of Castleton and Hubbardton, which surround the Lake. We partner together for preservation and lake management. We engage with the Department of Environment Control, the Agency of Natural Resources, Fish and Wildlife, State Representatives and local government and law enforcement on behalf of the Lake community. We enhance communication through quarterly newsletters, an up to date website, continuous Facebook updates, and Community Bulletin Board postings. An LBA sponsored Lake Bomoseen Perk Card provides discounts from local businesses that support our Lake and appreciate our members’ participation.
LBA is a not-for-profit corporation, 501(c)(7) governed by a Board of Directors elected each year at the summer annual meeting by the vote of the General Membership.
LBA is a proud charter member of the Vermont Lakes Coalition.

News & Events 7/27/2015

Tax Appeal Strategy Lecture

An Education Series lecture will be held August 8th at 9 a.m. at the Kehoe Center. It will be about "Tax Appeal Strategy" and presented by Attorney Gary Kupferer.

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Local News 8/1/2015

Public Post: Lemon Fair WMA Expansion, Town Manager Searches, Breakfast On The Farm

Lemon Fair Wild Life Management Area gains 330 acres. Milton has a new town manager. The Vermont Agency of Agriculture announces a free breakfast on the farm event....

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